Cool Water Woman by Davidoff

When Cool Water Men was launched in  1986 its simple, fresh yet elegant mix of musk, woods and bracing peppermint placed it instantly on the bestseller list. Cool Water Woman by Davidoff was a highly anticipated companion scent that made its appearance 10 years later.  Both fragrances were created by perfumer Pierre Bourdon.

Cool Water Woman is a soft floral composition that includes starts out aquatic and transitions to delicate florals and light spices. Making their appearances at the opening are fresh fruits – citrus, pineapple, black currant and melon – that blend into the heart notes of jasmine, water lily, rose, lotus, lily of the valley and calone. The grand finale includes notes of sandalwood, peach, amber and vetiver.

The calone is undoubtedly what gives Cool Water Woman that fresh sea-breeze, marine quality and what keeps it from becoming overly fruity.  

I remember smelling this scent EVERYWHERE in the 1990s when it was at the height of its popularity. Every time I smell it now it’s a blast from the past when everyone was wearing either Cool Water, L’Eau d’Issey or Trésor. Some might call it dated but having that 1990s vibe is part of its appeal for me personally.

I consider Cool Water Woman as very androgynous, despite having “woman” in the name. It’s a casual sporty fragrance that reminds me of that fresh out of the shower feeling. While I’m sure there are some who wear it year-round, I think of it as best suited for very hot summer days.

For those of you that love aquatic scents this is a very safe bet. It’s a great pick me up scent with nothing overpowering about it. It’s light and refreshing, but also very long-lasting – which is a huge plus for me. The icing on the cake is that it’s VERY affordable.