Earlier this year I ventured into the Miller Harris shop in London’s Covent Garden and instantly became a fan. I had heard so much about this eclectic brand which has been dubbed “one of Britain’s most exciting perfume houses” by The Perfume Society so it was a much-anticipated visit.


First, a little about Miller Harris:


Miller Harris Perfumer London isn’t a new brand but isn’t currently carried in shops here in the US. It was founded by Lynn Harris in 2000, after she’d spent five years training in Paris, then Grasse at Robertet – a world leader in natural aromatic ingredients. Before launching her brand she’d been working on bespoke fragrances for clients, including one for actress Jane Birken.  In 20012, NEO Investment bought a stake in the brand and Harris left the brand to launch brand Perfumer H.


In addition to perfume, Miller Harris sells scented teas, home fragrances and bath and body products.


I sniffed quite a few of the Miller Harris offerings in their cozy boutique and they impressed me as being slightly quirky, unique and natural smelling. I’d worked my way through a number of them without falling head over heels in love until the friendly sales assistant encouraged me to give Lumière Dorée a try.


OMG it smelled amazing! Lumière Dorée is a sophisticated perfume that manages to be comforting and unsettling at the same time. If a perfume could sing this one does!


It opens with a fresh burst of pettigrain and bitter orange which is almost like a slap in the face. It smells very fresh, like slipping into a white linen dress and enjoying a refreshing Campari under the sweltering Italian sun. Gradually the freshness fades and you become aware of a glorious duet of slightly indolic jasmine sambac and honeyed neroli. It’s very natural smelling and the opening and the heart notes form a perfect yin and yang.


After about a half hour, an ever-so-faint white musk begins to emerge which smells comforting and slightly soapy. The musk has a bit of a floral nuance to it and is quite restrained.


I love everything about this scent throughout its twists and turns. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist leaving the shop without purchasing a bottle of this masterpiece.


The packaging description: “Like shadows and light, Menacingly delicate” is spot on.


I’ve since learned that the nose behind this perfume is Matthew Nardin, who’s created a number of other Miller Harris fragrances as well.