As if the name itself didn’t give it away, Princess by Vera Wang is intended for the very young. I’m talking Barbie age up to about the the age of 20. Probably just about every girl within this age range has a bottle of Princess, perhaps several.

What young girl hasn’t imagined herself as a princess after all?

Launched in 2006 by fashion designer Vera Wang (best known for her bridal gowns), this was the company’s first youth oriented fragrance. Princess by Vera Wang was created by perfumers Harry Fremont and Ilias Ermenidis.

Top notes are water lily, apple, mandarin, meringue and apricot. The heart contains notes of guava, Tiare flower, tuberose and dark chocolate. The base is a powdery blend of vanilla, amber and woods. A single spritz and you are immersed in whirlwind of candy and marching florals.

The bottle looks like a heart-shaped jewel in lilac tones. Think Disney and you get the idea.

The best words to describe Princess are sweet, light, pretty and feminine. I almost added uninteresting but it’s probably not to a tween who fantasizes that she is a princess. I don’t smell the dark chocolate at all but the vanilla comes through soft and sweet. It’s a rich and warm vanilla, not like that baby doll plastic scent of some vanilla fragrances.

It’s light enough not to be offensive to anyone with odor sensitivities.

After the first Princess proved to be a huge success, Vera Wang released more Princesses to the line-up. There followed Flower Princess (2006), Glam Princess (2009), Rock Princess (2009), Preppy Princess (2010), Princess Night (2012), Pink Princess (2013), Princess Power (2014), Hippie Princess (2015) and Princess Revolution (2016). The newest to the collection, Princess of Hearts, was released in 2017.

Princess would make a nice “Intro to Perfume” scent. I’m sure that some women who are of legal age wear it, but it smells cutesy and girly to me. 

The only real downside is the longevity. It didn’t last more than 2 hours tops on my skin but that comes with the territory I suppose. Youth is fleeting after all.