Kai Rose perfume oil by Kai

I was very excited about trying Kai Rose by Kai since I’ve loved the original Kai for years.  The first Kai which launched in 1999 is a tropical gardenia scent that brings back so many happy memories for me. I had high hopes that Kai Rose would live up to its predecessor’s loveliness.

Last month I read that the Kai Rose pre-sale was available only on barneys.com and it was already backordered. Maybe it was lucky timing but when I went online last week I was able to place an order, no probs.  Better yet, it shipped out promptly and my little box arrived on Saturday. YAY!!! Needless to say, I was an extremely happy camper.

So what is my verdict?

I LOVE IT! It reminds me a lot of the original Kai with the fresh and light take on gardenia but it’s paired with an intoxicating but also subdued rose note. As everyone knows, it’s very easy for fragrances featuring rose notes to get it horribly wrong. Too often they end up smelling dated and not so wearable (unless you’re off to an older relative’s funeral where they would be totally appropriate).

Kai Rose is a modern fragrance, playful and full of life. A wonderful new addition my spring fragrance line-up, although I’m sure I’ll be wearing it year-round.

I’m debating now which I love more, Eau Rose by Diptyque, or this newer acquisition. Eau Rose clearly has a little more substance, with its fresh opening of citrus and black currant and its glorious dry down with honey, musk and blond woods. Kai Rose is equally enjoyable but simpler and more subtle. Only time will tell which I reach for most:)

Kai Rose is sold as a 1/8 oz rollerball bottle and costs $48. Since it’s a fragrance oil, that little bottle will last a while. I’m guessing that they will eventually come out with the full line of body and home products, as was the case with Kai.