Fashion designer Stella McCartney re-launched her first rose-scented fragrance, Stella, in 2014 with little changes except the look of the bottle and the packaging. In April 2015 a sparkling  new version of Stella was released.

“The story of Stella fragrances unfolds around a strong feminine motif of the rose – looking at this flower in a new way to celebrate the modern woman. Stella Eau de Toilette is about a natural confidence that is also youthful and radiant,” explains Stella McCartney.

The new Stella carries the same notes of amber and rose as the original while adding additional accords of freesia, peony, frozen lemon, mandarin and violet leaves. The fresh and vivacious scent of Bulgarian Rose is complimented by the crunchy violet leaves and delicate peony in particular, creating a soft, dewy scent while the lemon and mandarin add a pop of freshness. It is not until the ambergris base note makes appearance that the fragrance reveals a subtle masculine undertone.

I really like the way that Stella plays with both masculine and feminine notes. It manages to be both flirty and edgy. Rose fragrances tend to have a  undeserved reputation as being old-fashioned and dowdy but this one won’t be confused with your grandmother’s rose perfume. It reminds me a little of of Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose in that it’s a nostalgic fragrance that feels modern. It hearkens to a bygone idea of what a woman’s perfume should be but it does so with a wink and a style of its own.
The faceted bottle, said to be inspired by the beautiful edges of an amethyst crystal, has a lustrous gold collar and matching nude cap.

Last but certainly not least, this fragrance has excellent staying power, especially when layered with lotion or body oil.

A 1.6 oz. bottle costs $70 at Sephora.

As always, let me know what you think after sampling this!