She Belongs There by Olivine Atelier

I was really starting to wonder when I’d find another great gardenia perfume to get excited about. Fortunately Olivine She Belongs There came to the rescue and it’s a keeper.

Lucky me to have stumbled across this absolutely magnificent perfume. I’m obsessed with both gardenia and jasmine with gardenia being my #1 fixation. There are so many indie and niche perfumers that I love to try but for whatever reason Olivine Atelier never registered. As a white floral gardenia lover I’m still shocked that it took me this long.

Olivine Atelier launched in 2015 and there’s very little out there about the brand. It’s based in Seattle and the owner goes by Julie. They currently carry 8 vegan and cruelty-free fragrances. The concept behind each perfume is a story that resonates with the name.

The perfume description on the brand website reads (in part):

Over time, I’ve come to realize that contortions are unnecessary.

That doing my best is better than worrying about whether I’m doing it right.

I don’t need to do anything at all to fit into my world. I already belong there.

It’s amazing what happens when a woman realizes that wherever she is, wherever she goes, she is perfect.

It’s your life. You belong there. And the warm, sexy blend of gardenias, pikake, night-blooming jasmine and lush smoky vanilla will remind you and keep you grounded in that knowledge.

Gardenia is definitely the star in this perfume and everything else is merely a supporting player. She Belongs there is so intoxicatingly alluring that some might find it over the top. It’s the kind of scent that makes it all but impossible to stop huffing your skin wherever you’ve applied it.

As I got lost in my huffing, I found myself drifting off to memories of an idyllic vacation in Maui with my family several years ago. That could be the pikake talking to me along with the other seductive notes found here. A touch of indole when you first sniff it keep it from being just another soft and pretty floral.

She Belongs There reminds me a little of Child and Kai (two other scents I love) but bolder and more voluptuous. It’s definitely a feminine power player and exudes confidence. 

As shown in the photo I have the perfume oil which comes in an adorable little bottle and has great longevity. I can still smell it on me 8-10 hours after applying it. I’m a fan of perfume oils in general because they generally last a long time on my skin. I haven’t tried the perfume spray to compare. 

She Belongs There is available in 50 ml spray bottle ($80) and 5 ml perfume oil ($48).

Update: I’ve been so thrilled with my little bottle (which was running low) I ended up also ordering the perfume spray bottle. Not loving it as much? but not sure if it’s the sprayer that’s a little funky to use or it’s better on my skin in the oil base. I still love the perfume oil so hate to say anything negative about the scent.