I love the smell of honeysuckle. Wild and sensual by nature, honeysuckle is a very complex flower. Its aroma changes throughout the course of the day as it evolves to attract different butterflies and bees as the day goes on. What starts out as fresh and floral in the morning transitions to something more addictive and sensual by early evening.


The problem with using it in a perfume is that it’s often paired with a fruity note which totally kills it for me. I remember smelling Derek Lam Drunk on Youth at a Sephora a while ago and found the combination of apple and honeysuckle totally repulsive.  Fresh Honeysuckle is a good example of straight up honeysuckle. There’s something about the luscious nectar scent of Honeysuckle by Fresh that projects an  uncomplicated, uplifting and happy vibe to me.


Davana isn’t a perfume note that’s often used in perfumes sold here in the US. The davana herb is native to India and is mostly used in eastern and oriental perfumes. It’s been called a “chameleon note” since it is said to smell differently on each of us. It has a sweet, tea-like scent which resembles dried fruit.


Honeysuckle & Davana is a newish scent (2018) from Jo Malone London and I was finally able to give it a go at the Jo Malone Covent Garden boutique last month. I know, I know I should have posted a review straight away but life has been busy. More about the London perfume experience can be found here.


The bottom line is that I really enjoyed Honeysuckle & Davana. I wasn’t really sure what to expect since davana isn’t something I’ve come across often. I’m pretty sure it’s used in Estee Lauder Knowing which I sometimes wore in the 90’s.


There’s definitely a soft honeysuckle note in this Jo Malone concoction which you smell right away. Soon to appear are green and slightly mossy notes which cut through any sweetness and headiness that the honeysuckle might have delivered on.


Honneysuckle & Davana is mostly a wet clean mossy garden entrée with a side of honeysuckle. It’s definitely worth trying especially if you are a Jo Malone fan. I’d highly recommend layering with another of your favorites.