In 2016 Bottega Veneta released its collection of six unisex perfumes which were inspired by the varied herbs, fruits and flowers surrounding the Palladian villas in the fashion house’s native Veneto region of Italy. Three perfumers spent more than two years to develop the collection, and all three worked closely with Bettega Veneta’s creative director, Thomas Maier.


According to the Bottega Veneta website:


Parco Palladiano I is the morning sunlight shining through the woods. At the fragrance’s heart are soft floral notes of magnolia. Bark serves as a counterpoint, adding woody accords that confer a long-lasting quality. Its light yellow hue compliments the delicate scent. A fresh feminine fragrance with distinct masculine notes. The glass bottle with silver cap is embossed with the intrecciato pattern and expertly hand-finished.


The perfumer who worked on Parco Palladiano I was Michel Almairac, who’s also the nose behind perfumes like Chloe, and seven of the Bond No 9 perfumes (The Scent of Peace is my fav) as well as many, many others. “For this scent, I immersed myself in that marvelous orderly world of the Venetian villas, creating a fragrance just as I experience the gardens,” states Almairac. “Morning is when I like the magnolia most – that’s what I tried to recreate (in an impressionistic way) – the moment before it all fades away.”


While the notes in this fragrance include magnolia, woods, musk and amber, what really steals the show is the magnolia. This is a beautifully realistic magnolia with a majestic sweetness complimented by a fresh lemony aroma. I seriously could not stop smelling myself after a couple of spritzes. It perfectly captures the true odor of a freshly opened magnolia bloom in all of its elegance and radiance.


Although Parco Palladiano I is marketed as unisex, it leans strongly feminine especially when compared to the others in the collection.  It is my personal favorite of the six; the other five are pretty decent, just not for me. II through VI also center around a single scent and are as follows: II (cypress), III (pear), IV (azaleas), V (rosemary) VI (rose).

Parco Palladiano collection

Parco Palladiano Collection

A 3.4 oz bottle of Parco Palladiano costs $295. If you really love magnolia, this might be one to save up for.