I got this as a sample with a Sephora order and at first whiff was totally turned off. It was an unexpectedly horrifying olfactory assault! Decadance by Marc Jacobs starts out very strong and fruity, almost like a men’s aftershave with plum in it. There is also a really odd, almost dill pickle aroma as well. Who in their right mind would pay to smell like a dill pickle!

About 10 minutes later I noticed that something new had entered the picture. At least the dill pickle aroma was on its way out or possibly I was just getting used to it. I began to smell the heart notes of Bulgarian rose and jasmine which calmed the scent down a little, turning it into something slightly more subtle. Gradually it warmed down to a woody, amber base. I’ve heard that the fragrance contains vetiver and I’m wondering if the dill aroma could have been badly worked, perverted vetiver.

To me, this smells like a cross between La Vie Est Belle and Michael Buble’s 2016 perfume By Invitation.

Decadence is definitely the right name for this! There is nothing sweet and flirty here; this is an all-out booty call. And not by anyone you’d choose to be with. I can see this best appreciated by a dominatrix or anyone secretly harboring a desire for BDSM.

It is almost as though Marc Jacobs was trying to create the polar opposite of Daisy, with the sweet girl next door vibe. He’s released close to 30 perfumes that I’m aware of capitalizing on the original Daisy. Maybe just needed to move on from the Daisy franchise.

One thing I can say about Decadence is that it’s extremely long lasting. I caution anyone trying it for the first time to spritz it sparingly because love it or hate it you will be wearing it for a very long time.

The bottle design is that of an emerald green handbag with a python pattern.