There is no question that Estée Lauder struck a major international chord when this amazing scent was first introduced in 1978. Almost four decades later, it is still in the top of the Lauder line-up. Composed by the great Sophia Grojsman, it embodies, along with Chanel No.5 and Chanel No.22, the best of the aldehydic florals.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “aldehyde”, they are organic chemicals derived from natural or synthetic materials which add a vivid, soapy quality to the top notes. Some describe the effect as sharp and slightly fizzy which sounds weird but it works here!

The delicate floral bouquet of jasmine, lily of the valley, orchid and ylang ylang lingers on the base notes of amber, sandalwood and honey. I’m sure I’ve missed some other notes as well. The effect is intoxicating and enchanting.

I was monogamously in love with White Linen for many years before I got distracted by greener pastures and reunited with it only recently. While many reunions bring baggage, this was a joyful one.  The White Linen scent is crisp, sharp and classic…feminine and sophisticated.  Imagine crisp white sheets drying in a summer breeze. Clean, crisp and ready to sparkle!

If you are looking for a ladylike scent with understated elegance, possibly even googling “top ladies perfume“, you can definitely put this one at the top of the list. White Linen is clear proof that a perfume doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive to qualify as an exceptional fragrance.

It is perfect for late summer, early autumn but can be worn anytime you want to dazzle and impress.