Named for the French word for “treasure”, Tresor was created for the woman who realizes that time is precious. Every moment in this fast-paced digital world we now live in is meant to be treasured.

According to the Lancome website: “Love. Romance. Elegance. Because love is a treasure, and Tresor evokes that feeling of everlasting love, it makes her as radiant and precious as the fragrance she wears.”

One of my favorite perfume books, Perfumes: The A-Z Guide by Luca Turin, calls Tresor  a “vulgar but wily combination”. He likens it to an experience he had on the London Tube while sitting across from a busty young woman wearing a T-shirt reading in large letters “ALL THIS” and in small type underneath “and brains too”.

Tresor was blended  by master perfumer Sophia Grojsman for herself and it launched in 1990. It’s top notes are apricot blossom and rose, which continue to heart notes of lilac, iris and peach. The dry down of amber, musk, sandalwood and vanilla lends it a comforting, powdery but modern aura. The trail it leaves is truly blissful and enchanting.

Tresor is said to be inspired by Nahema by Guerlain.  The rose note is not as intense and the fruity note is replaced with peach. In Tresor, Grojsman established the fruity floral accord as arguably the most important commercial accord the perfume industry has ever seen. (The Essence of Perfume by Roja Dove

I consider this to be a saucy and fun daytime fragrance, best to be layered if worn in the evening. I envision this worn by a young woman in a mini dress while meeting friends for lunch or shopping as much as a “mature” woman who’s never lost her sense of fun and glamour. It evokes a mood of freshness and innocence but the base notes keep it interesting.

If you’re curious about it’s longevity,  you can count on Tresor hanging around for quite a while. The apricot peach layered over the rose lasts maybe an hour and the powdered peachy amber lingers for at least another 8-10 hours.

The glass bottle is shaped like an inverted pyramid symbolizing the glowing radiance of a woman in full bloom. The peach and salmon colored packaging reflects the fresh peach and apricot notes of the fragrance.

Tresor is a perfume that reminds me of warm embraces and gentle hugs. What does it remind you of? Is it a “hell yeah” or “ick no thanks”?