Valentine's Day

January is coming to an end already and as we go into February, Valentine’s Day looms ahead. Perfumes are always a hit for Valentine’s whether you’re getting them for you, your partner, friend or family member. You just have to pick the right scent for them.

You might already be getting hints from your significant other about what they would like or you might be completely fumbling in the dark, wondering what works. You’re already a step closer to finding the perfect gift if you know they love perfumes. Most people in their search go looking for “the scent of love” which are usually romantic, floral, maybe even pink.

How about sexy? We all know that perfumes can control how we feel about ourselves and others and how much we link scents to emotions, memories and a particular time or place. A beautiful, sultry and attractive perfume gift will make a remarkable impression on your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Here are some options you could choose from.

  1. Le Labo Lys 41:
    This is one of my favorites and I have talked about it a number of times on the blog. Earlier in my post Perfume Trends 2018: What Will Be Wafting Your Way This Year, I mentioned it as one of my favorites which allows personalization on its bottle labels when you buy in actual stores. If you are considering gifting this, you definitely want to try that.
    Lys 41 Eau de Parfum by Le Labo is a cozy white floral scent with a unique blend of jasmine, lily, Madagascar vanilla, tuberose absolute and woodsy tones.
    It is a warm and sunny scent, often described as breathtaking, bewitching, dazzling and drop dead gorgeous – effects anyone would surely want to have. Once the tuberose fades, it leaves you surrounded by cozy vanilla, gentle musk and pale woods scents. It is a light and airy scent which also has a warm, lush, and luxurious aroma.
    My full review of this fragrance is available here and I also talk about using it as something gentle and comforting for spraying on when I go to bed here.
  2. Maison Martin Margiela Flower Market
    This complex scent features floral notes including jasmine, freesia, and rose petals alongside other notes such as tuberose, peach, cedar wood, oak moss, and crushed leaves. It is a part of the French fashion house, Maison Margiela’s Replica line of perfumes. This line is based on triggering characteristic memories of places and events. This spring scent is reminiscent of freshly cut flowers, flower markets, wet petals and crushed leaves.
    It is soft, gentle, and carries a clean aura making it quite perfect if you are sensitive to fragrances and worry about scent allergies. The aim with this scent was to capture the exquisite fragrance of flower markets in Paris and I think it does so beautifully.
    I have also reviewed this on the blog before and you can find the full breakdown here. I use it for a variety of things including spraying on after applying body lotion and as a night time fragrance for going to bed.
  3. Givenchy Amarige
    This is a bold scent by top notch perfumer Dominique Ropion and definitely a winner if your significant other likes those types of fragrances. It took a while to grow on me as I have mentioned in my earlier review but that’s because I normally don’t go for those kinds.
    It is a loud but lasting perfume that gives off a vibrant, joyful, full of life scent. It combines sweetness and dryness with its excellent use of tuberose combined with fruity plum, peach and mandarin notes alongside mimosa, gardenia, vanilla, wood and sensual musk.
    Amarige is an intense fragrance that speaks opulence, merriment and confidence. If your partner likes luxury, is full of life and loves to laugh, this is the perfect choice.
  4. Miller Harris L’Air De Rien
    If you are thinking of something outright sexy, then this is definitely something to consider. As I mentioned in my review, it smells a lot like sex. It is a bold, primal, shocking and lasting fragrance that will ensure that animalistic attraction and draw the attention of many.
    Its unusual aroma combines a lot of sexy memories taking you back to the sweet smell of sex, a roll in the hay, the morning after, and many more. It can be described as an oriental woody fragrance with amber, oakmoss, patchouli, vanilla and neroli notes.
    You might expect that this scent would be unpleasant when hearing it being described with musky smells, dirty underwear and sweat but it is a rather intimate, comfortable and nostalgic scent. It is a truly unique and interesting experience that’s difficult to describe. If your loved one goes for strange, unusual but fascinating scents then this is right up their alley. It mirrors the distinct and nonchalant style of Jane Birkin, the iconic singer and actress. It was created to capture her aura which had been difficult because of her unique spirit but this did that perfectly.
  5. Bottega Veneta Knot
    Coming down from L’Air De Rien, this is a more conservative scent for the conservative woman by the luxury brand Bottega Veneta. Knot is a fresh and airy scent reminiscent of flowers and clean laundry but remains sexy in a suggestive and understated way.
    This subtle fragrance is one of my favorites with its fruity notes of mandarin, lime, and orange blossom; flowery notes of white rose and lavender mixed with neroli, clementine, and peony. It also tosses in earthy tones of tonic and musk. It is a creamy, smooth white floral fragrance which I also sometimes use at night time before bed.
    My full review of this scent is here. It is suitable for the older or more conservative woman although some men like it too and can be worn all year round, although I really like it for the cooler fall and winter months.
  6. ALTAIA Don’t Cry for Me
    Although it is on the pricey side, this fragrance features a unique blend of tea, jasmine, amber, ambrette, freesia, cherry blossom, cashmere wood, labdanum and heliotrope. It is a unisex floral woody musk often described as enchanting. A delicate, breezy scent that feels like the warm summer air, this was created to be reminiscent of  intoxicating and irresistable Buenos Aires summer nights.
    The name ALTAIA is an acronym for A Long Time Ago In Argentina. The brand was formed by Sebastian Alvarez Murena and Marina Sersale who fell in love, got married and were passionate about perfumery. This scent emulates that passion. My earlier review is available here.
  7. Van Van Cleef & Arpels California Reverie
    This fragrance includes notes of jasmine, mandarin orange, neroli, vanilla, orange blossom, beeswax, and frangipani. I have reviewed it before on the blog and you can check that out here. Its refreshing bouquet of white flowers mixed with its fruity and exotic tones gives you an unexpected and intoxicating rush. It packs a soft but subtle punch as I note in my review but is a wonderful scent you should try if your spouse would love a scent inspired by California and its sun which is what this fragrance was created after.
    It is a fragrance for women created by Antoine Maisondieu inspired by the California scenery that mixes seductive and innocent. It leaves you smelling freshly laundered, surrounded by sea breezes, fragrant herbs and flowers.
  8. Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil                                                            Last but definitely not least is this Hermes perfume – Un Jardin Sur Le Nil. It translates to a stroll along the River Nile and captures the scents of such romantic pursuits. It is an exotic scent with green, tangy and mouth watering notes. My full review is up on the blog . It is an intimate green scent that is fresh, a bit bitter but vivacious. Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is a complex, sophisticated blend that takes you on a sensory stroll through the garden islands of the Nile. It has all the right watery, green, fruity, earthy and floral notes that your partner is sure to love. It’s perfect for anyone who loves cool, watery, fresh and airy perfumes and there is a magic in the mix of musk, floral and fruity scents. It is perfect for spring and summer but can also be worn in the cooler months of fall and winter.

I hope these have given you some idea or maybe even directed you to the perfect scent for your loved one. These are excellent options for that sexy scent whether you want subtle or bold. As I said last year, January and March – after Christmas and after Valentine’s Day – are the best time for buying perfumes. It’s not too late to cash in on this and get your Valentine’s Day gift early so you don’t have to stress in February and join the scramble when it dawns on others.

Wishing you a Loverly Valentine’s Day 2018!



  1. Dale says:

    What a nice site. I will have to absolutely show my wife because she is a perfume junkie. She has different perfumes for different days and different seasons so obviously this would fit right in. I know by tonight she will be taking a much closer look. Gee thanks for helping my wife spend more money. LOL just kidding, smelling great is important.