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Yes its true. Kim Kardashian’s newest perfumes earned a cool $10 million the first day of its launch and it was largely due to Instagram marketing. No billboard ads, expensive launch parties, or samples tucked inside of the latest glossy magazines were needed. It was all in the KKW brand and no one had even caught a whiff of the perfumes before ordering online. Pretty crazy, right?

Whatever your opinion of Mrs. West, you have to admit that it’s mind boggling. Of course, having 104 million Instagram followers helps but it’s it is still pretty incredible. The figure-hugging sheer white Dolce & Gabbana gown she rocked at her pre-launch soirée didn’t hurt either.

I admit to really disliking two of Kardashian’s previous fragrances – Fleur Fatale and Glam – which I mentioned in an earlier post found here. The Fleur Fatale is a screechy tea rose scent with a borderline stripper vibe and Glam smells to me like a fruity Lemon Pledge concoction. I’m hoping she’s gone in a different direction with this new line.

The reality queen and beauty mogul’s newest perfumes include three fragrances  – Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Oud and Crystal Gardenia Citrus – and they were developed with specific regions of the world in mind. Crystal Gardenia Citrus, geared towards the Asian market, contains notes of orange, lemon and pomelo. Crystal Gardenia Oud, created with the Middle East in mind, contains bergamot, lavender and musk.  Crystal Gardenia was apparently designed for the rest of us and “offers a top note of water lily, timeless gardenia, tiara flower and velvet tuberose. Warm woods provide a contouring effect to the signature finish.” A contouring effect for a perfume? Are we talking Spanx here or fragrance?

The three eau de parfums are all based upon her favorite flower are sold exclusively at Kardashian credits her love for gardenia with fond memories of her late father, Robert Kardashian, who used to bring them home after business trips.

Gardenia may be her favorite flower but it’s hard to forget that Instagram image she posted as a tease to her upcoming launch that featured orchids not gardenias (Oops girl. Glad it all turned out for you despite the blooper).

For the bottles, Kardashian was inspired by healing crystals which she says have helped her find peace of mind after her robbery in Paris last year – the one where she was held at gunpoint. Crystals are indeed said to have healing properties… and also to attract wealth. The tea leaves are reading that crystal sales will be skyrocketing.

Kardashian has warned followers that there are only 300,000 bottles available of her limited edition perfumes. As of this morning, the 75 ml bottle was sold out but they still had inventory of the 30 ml bottle which sells for $35.

I haven’t smelled any of them yet but I’m really curious. Gardenia is one of my favorite flowers and I’m a sucker for gardenia perfumes done right. ? I really love the geometric frosted glass bottle and it doesn’t look x-rated to me one bit despite the all of the Twitter comments.

What do you think of the packaging? Are you anxious to try Kim Kardashian’s newest perfumes?

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