7 mental health benefits of wearing perfume

Spritzing on your perfume each day does wonders to help with your mental health. We bet that you didn’t really think about that before. Fortunately, you’re on the right daily track to improving your own mental health benefits by using that good-smelling perfume. Wondering what benefits these are? Let’s take a closer look at each of them below.

Recalls Memories

We’re sure everyone has had the experience of remembering an aunt, grandmother, or friend when you get a whiff of a specific scented perfume. Your senses linked that specific perfume scent to your experience with that person. This experience could be a particular moment in time or just the remembrance of a loved one. Either way, perfume can help you to recall some of the best memories you’ve had and enhance your mood because of those recalled memories.

Calms You Down

There are a ton of perfume scents out there. Some specific ones will have the natural effect of relaxing the body. These include clary sage, grapefruit, lavender, rose, frankincense, and bergamot. Just having a slight hint of any one of these ingredients, your perfume can surround you with a calming effect. Since the scent sticks with you all day long, you can enjoy the calming experience throughout the entire day. You’ll likely even calm those around you down with your perfume scent.

Improves Your Concentration

Did you know that certain scents can actually help to enhance your concentration? It’s true and there are many to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find a scent that you love to wear. The most popular include peppermint, rosemary, basil, cypress, and lemon. You can even find these scents within essential oil products. This makes it completely possible to create your own scent by mixing up different essential oil products to achieve the scent and health benefits that you desire.

Boosts Confidence

When we have on that perfect outfit with the right perfume, we feel like we can take on the world. Perfume is one of the many additions you can add to your daily routine to help boost your confidence. When you smell good, you feel good. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any nasty body odor scents throughout the day. The best part is that you can pick a perfume scent that suits your personality or mood for the day.

Enhanced Libido

An important part of mental well-being is the physical connection you feel with your significant other. Scents that include lavender, civet, vanilla, musk, and pumpkin all work to increase the libido of the user and the ones that surround them. So, if you want to get your partner in the mood, spritzing a perfume that has at least one of these ingredients can assist you in your task. Plus, you can enjoy your own enhancement in libido every time you wear your perfume.

Decreases Fear 

It’s not uncommon for people to experience fear throughout their lives. Whether it’s a big presentation at work or getting the results to a test you took, fear can create unruly anxiety in the body. By using a perfume that has clary sage, grapefruit, lemon, jasmine, orange, or chamomile, you can naturally put your body at ease from fear. It’s a known fact that our emotions are highly linked to our sense of smell. When your body smells these calming scents, it will work to calm your nerves and let you get back in control.

Reduces Depression

Depression can affect the emotions of the body significantly. To help combat these bad effects on the body, you’ll want to include a perfume that has lemon, lavender, jasmine, neroli, sandalwood, chamomile, orange, bergamot, or rose in it. All of these scents are shown to decrease the effect that depression has on the human body. This also works well for helping those who have depression around you. By simply allowing your perfume to radiate the space between you and the depressed person, you can help to decrease their mental health problems.

As you can see, there are many mental health benefits that you can gain from wearing perfume on a regular basis. There are many different scents out there to choose from. We highly suggest that you have a few different perfumes on standby so that you can utilize one that fits your mood for the day. There is no reason you shouldn’t be switching up the type of perfume that you use on a regular basis to accompany your mental health needs.

Brittany Waddell is a contributing writer and media specialist for Aromatique.She often produces content for a variety of fragrance blogs.


  1. Henderson says:

     Didn’t think before that there could be any benefits of perfume. In fact, my aunt had allergies using some strong perfumes and so she had to stop. I still use perfumes though but not regularly. This is an awesome post on the mental benefits. Who would’ve thought that it helps the libido. I have a question though, is it okay for one to combine different perfumes together when going out?

    • Erica says:

      Hi Henderson,

      This article was a guest post if you hadn’t noticed but I am also a believer in the  health benefits  of fragrance. I’ve experienced it myself and know many others who have also experienced the positive effects of fragrance. If your aunt developed an aversion to perfume then clearly it was a good decision to stop. 

      In answer to your question, it is not only okay to layer fragrances it is a common practice. I do it all the time and have my own recipes that I adore. Layering is like your own customized scent without having to pay thousands of dollars to a perfumer to create one.



    • Antonio says:


      I can understand the positive benefits that scent can have on your life and that the right scent at the right time can do wonders. It is amazing what our olfactory glands have on our memory but I can see the opposite happening as well. A familiar scent can lead you to recall memorise of a lost love, which could lead to depression and unhappiness. No emotion is positive or negative but what we do with the emotion is important.

      What do you do if the scent does the exact opposite?