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If you haven’t yet swapped out your humble bar soap with one of the many luxurious bath and shower gels out there maybe it’s time to re-think your bath routine. Shower gels not only smell amazing, they will also transform your shower into a 5-Star spa-like experience. Unlike soaps, which can strip the skin of good bacteria, many shower gels leave a moisturizing layer that leaves your skin feeling amazingly silky and smooth.


If you happen to be someone who shares a soap bar there are other problematic issues. Body hairs have a creepy habit of sticking to bar soaps – which let’s face it is gross. Even if it’s your own it’s an unwelcome sight!


Also, many bar soaps tend to dry out the skin which obviously is never a good thing. Not to mention the bar’s potential for contamination caused by a skin condition of your bath partner which spreads to you. This isn’t something that anyone wants to deal with. The hair issue pales in comparison to a dermatological situation.


Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE soap and some are amazing. Just not in the shower! My favorite is Rance Gardenia and since it costs a small fortunate I mostly just sniff and look at it. 


If you’re ready to make the switch or are just looking for some new products to take your shower to the next level, here are some that really deliver. Healthy self-indulgence is always a good thing in my book. Any of these will make it a treat to turn on the tap.  You deserve it, right?


The Tried and True Winners to get you squeaky clean and feeling fabulous:


Thymes Goldleaf Gardenia Body Wash ($20)


Treat yourself to a floral escape with this delicate and feminine shower gel. Floral notes of velvety gardenia, fresh jasmine and lush rose are complimented by notes of creamy amber, rich patchouli and delectable praline. Your skin will be thanking you for the moisturizing benefits delivered by glycerin, jojoba oil and honey.



Bliss Lemon and Sage Soapy Suds Body Wash ($20)


This shower gel that doubles as a bubble bath creates a rich lather and has a strong citrus scent. There’s something so invigorating and happy about the lemon and sage scent that makes it totally addictive. If you are like me and love the refreshing scent of lemon, you should give this a try.


La Labo Santal 33 Shower Gel (8 fl oz $53)

I’ve talked about the Santal 33 perfume here and how this warm and woodsy scent took the world by storm when it was first introduced in 2011. The shower gel is a diluted version of the same scent and is enriched with Vitamin E and flaxseed extracts (antioxidants) and olive leaf extract and aloe vera (moisturizing properties).


The Body Shop Coconut Shea Shower Cream (8.4 oz $8)

When your skin needs a little extra love, this moisturizing, soap-free Coconut Shower Cream is sure to do the trick. It’s chock full of rich, creamy, skin-softening lather and smells UH-MAZING. This product contains Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana which has antioxidant vitamins A and E to help protect and nourish skin.

In addition, it contains organic sesame seed oil which moisturizes and softens skin. Bonus point: Money made from The Body Shop Community Fair Trade partnership with the Tungtriya Women’s Shea Butter Association has been used to fund water pipes and wells, as well as provide access to medical care, better housing and education. 😍



Panier des Sens Rejuvenating Rose Shower Gel (8.4 fl oz $12)


Smooth and creamy, its delightful lather gently cleanses without disrupting the natural balance of the skin. This shower gel is rich in rejuvenating and soothing rose essential oil which is known for its regenerative effects and soothing toning properties to help damaged skin. It’ll leave your skin with a delicately subtle scent. Panier Des Sens bath and body products are conceived and developed in the South of France.  Oui oui to this if you’re seeking a sensuous and pampering bath experience.


Aveda Rosemary and Mint Hand & Body Wash ( 33.8 fl oz $77)


You’ll be dying to jump into the shower and experience the invigorating aroma of this hand and body wash. It’s practically impossible not to feel instantly refreshed with delicious and rejuvenating aroma of certified organic rosemary and peppermint. There’s nothing like the refreshing scent of rosemary and mint to start the day off.


Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body & Hand Wash ( 8 fl oz $62)


Escape after a very long day in the office with the tantalizing scent of a windswept shore. Imagine waves breaking white, the air fresh with sea salt and spray. A mineral scent of rugged cliffs blend with the woody earthiness of sage. Jo Malone has many wonderful scents but this is my favorite for the shower. 😍


L’Occitane Cleansing & Softening Almond Shower Gel (8.4 fl oz $25)


This great gel was given to me a couple of years ago as a birthday gift and I’ve been hooked ever since. It smells absolutely decadent and indulgent but the best part is that it leaves skin feeling softer and more satiny-smooth than you’ll ever remember it being. The shower gel contains almond oil, which is naturally rich in omega 6 fatty acids to help soften the skin.

The unique formula transforms into a milky foam upon contact with water, leaving the delicious smell of fresh almonds. There’s a reason this has a cult following; it’s just that good. Just remember to wash the shower or bath floor after each use since it can leave the floor slightly slippery.


Molton Brown Eucalyptus Body Wash (10 fl oz $32)


If you are suffering from sore muscles or a stuffed head this is the holy grail shower gel. Make sure to let this magical potion – containing eucalyptus, wild mint and patchouli – soak into your skin for a few moments before rinsing it off.

This is a great remedy for relieving tension and helping to unwind and relax. Its verdant, fragrant aromas evoke an evergreen forest. The scent will stick around long enough to help you drift off to a high-quality slumber.



Nivea In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion (13.5 fl oz $15)


The Nivea brand has been creating sumptuous skin and bath products for over 100 years – believe it or not – and have remained a player for a reason. Everyone has different scent proclivities but I’ve yet to encounter anyone who doesn’t like this scent. Nivea started out with body cream and has more recently delved into the shower arena with some awesome creations. This product is a godsend for those busy mornings when you may not have time to moisturize after your shower.


Philosophy Amazing Grace Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel (16 fl oz $22)


Ever since I was introduced to Amazing Grace body lotion by my sister Anne years ago I fell in love with this. Although I’ve since broadened my body lotion horizons – it’s not cheap – I still love the way it smells. This is great since it multi-tasks as a shower gel and a shampoo. It might be a bit harsh as a shampoo (I’m very picky due to having problematic hair!) but it rocks as a shower gel.


Elizabeth W Lilac Bath and Shower Gel (8 fl oz $20)


Sensuous, fresh and intensely floral, Elizabeth W knocks it out of the park with this intoxicating smelling concoction. The scent of springtime lilacs is brightened by subtle hints of jasmine, neroli and freesia. Perfect for a date-night shower to have you smelling your bewitching best! The brand also carries other more unisex shower gels such as Leaves, Cucumber, Rosemary and Redwoods. All five of these bath and shower gels smell amazing!

I was first introduced to the brand by sampling their hand and body lotions which are also phenomenal. The vetiver and magnolia are amazing 😍 and for a niche brand very affordable.


Neutrogena Rainbath Shower and Bath Gel (40 fl oz $25)


Another oldie but goody, I had almost forgotten about Rainbath until I came across a bottle at CVS. The latest version is Fresh Plum but I still prefer the original formula. It might be partly due to the nostalgic value of sending me way back to high school but I love the way it is strikes a perfect balance of masculine and feminine. There’s just the right amount of floral, spicy and herbal notes. 


Malin + Goetz Bergamot Body Wash (16 fl oz $44)


I’m a huge fan of Malin & Goetz and love many of their uncomplicated, high-quality products. This foaming cleansing gel is perfect for anyone with sensitive since it’s extremely gentle. It effectively purifies and balances all skin types and helps to reduce epidermal stress. The bergamot scent is incredibly refreshing while not being the least bit over-powering. After the shower, compliment it with their Eucalyptus deodorant which I mentioned here. Once you’ve tried this all-natural deodorant you’ll never go back to the drug store variety.


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Body Wash, Lavender (16 fl oz $7)


I’d been using Mrs. Meyer’s household cleaning products for quite a while before I discovered their line of body wash. Since I’m a huge fan of their lavender scented laundry detergent, I guessed (correctly) that I’d enjoy their shower gel. It’s not exactly a true lavender scent since it has a hint of citrus but it smells incredible!

You have to work to get it sudsy but a little goes a long way. I also love that it’s cruelty-free and eco-friendly like all Mrs. Meyer’s products. 

You probably already know this but the scent of lavender has many health benefits. Research suggests that it aids in treating anxiety, depression and insomnia. 

All of these can be purchased on Amazon by clicking on the images. I can’t guarantee they’re the best prices so shop around if any pique your interest.

Happy Fall ! 🍂🍁🍂🍁

















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