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It’s getting to that time of the year again—after slow, sometimes sudden, doses of beautiful summer days—fall is suddenly upon us. Everywhere you look there’s that scenic, brownish tinge—the perfect backdrop for an Instagram photo-op.


Fall is basically a bizarre Santa: bringing fabulous gifts and, instead of mere warnings, a bunch of plagues for all in its wake. There’s much to hate about the rainy, wet period, despite the cold there’s zero snow for one, but still, this season has a lot to delight in as well.


Love the Holidays

All of the best holidays fall (no pun intended) within the autumn season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner. Fall is chock full of prime occasions to play dress up, all with varying stylistic directions of course. Hanging out with loved ones is always a win in my book: nothing beats hanging out with family and friends during the holidays.


Hate Allergy Season

Like a stray cat, Fall drags in with it a bunch of vermin—allergies, loads of allergens flood the air. The sort of allergies to turn your face into a Halloween mask on its own. Dealing with a runny nose, scratchy throat, bouts of sneezing, and a swollen face is enough to make you curse the weather gods.


Switch Up Your Wardrobe

Fall has a dress code—sweaters, millions of sweater wearing ladies out on the town. However, welcoming Autumn’s cooler temperatures is always an excuse to go shopping. Keep your wardrobe chic and trendy, and prepare for the beautiful misery that is Winter.


It’s A Time to Pull Off Fashionable Experiments

Mix and match the ignored pieces in your wardrobe. Summer’s gone, it’s time to dig out those long sleeves and boots. Go wild trying out new, trendy Fall looks—there really is no limit to how well brown boots match virtually everything.


Love Intimate, Romantic Dates

Fall is couples’ paradise extravaganza. Pictures by the lakeside, coordinating Halloween costumes, and planning to meet the family—the fall schedule is all about love and lovers. Perhaps the best part is all the date night possibilities; pumpkin carving topping the plate of course.


Really Hate Those Short Days

Okay, so you have plans, and have been looking forward to that hangout later in the evening? Well, it’s 6 pm and it’s already dark, like the beginning of a full solar eclipse. Why is the day in such a rush, keep the lights on please. Ruined engagements, plans falling through, and just an overall wet blanket. Shorter Fall days are never fun. (Your mileage may vary)


Rain-Soaked Days are The Worst

So I’m walking down the road, and this Uber drives through a puddle—spraying me with muddy, disgusting water. There goes my plan of looking fabulous that day, gone in a flash (splash?), because it won’t cease raining. Having the rain constantly ruin your day gets tiring after a while, and when you’ve had a really bad week, there’s really not much that can cheer you up. Rain days are total Debbie Downers when they last for multiple days.


Autumn’s Sweet Scent and Fragrance Therapy




A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.


The smell of the first rain hitting the scorched Earth. That smell you wish you could bottle up and turn into your theme scent for the cold, damp weather—yes it has a name. Switch up your scent pallet, try out new perfumes—from a fruity, rich scent, to more sophisticated, complex fragrances from that niche brand you’ve been meaning to try.

No matter your feelings about the wet, cold weather, smelling like your favorite scent – a garden of roses, sweet jasmine or warm amber – is guaranteed to elevate your mood and self -confidence. Douse yourself in your most uplifting scent and step out without a care in the world about the scourge of the heavens.


Smell Good, Feel Good

A puffy face, and all the attendant discomfort that Fall brings to the table—a nose that runs like a broken tap, sandpaper throat, and fits of coughing—often pop up in the most inopportune times. You have a romantic dinner planned out, yet you wake up feeling like a thousand bees gave you a face job.

Shattered plans should not define how you feel on the inside. Whenever my allergies act up, rather than mope and get down, I simply look forward to the next night out. Forget the antihistamines (don’t forget them really), what makes me go from 0-100 is knowing I have stocked up on fabulous gels, perfumes, sprays, and deodorants all designed to make me smell like a summer breeze in Ibiza.


Final Thoughts

Following my favorite season –summer – fully embracing Autumn takes time and effort.  Fall is a visitor I tolerate at times, and absolutely adore at other times (much like a cat treats her owner). Through the peaks and valleys of Autumn, there is one thing you can ensure, one thing that is absolutely within your power—choosing to smell amazing.

Treat yourself to an exotic and exquisite fragrance or two, even if they’re cinnamon or chai scented, and get your head in the right frame. While you may not have the time for a full on pampering session at a spa, with your fragrance selections you can still create that undeniably chic experience.


Happy Fall, y’all!


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