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I’m not sure what it is about the holidays this year but I’m just not quite feeling it. I’m done with picking out the gifts – most of which have been already given out. We actually started the gift exchange on Thanksgiving in fact, which was a first. It seemed like a good idea at the time but it definitely changed the momentum which usually starts peaking right after Thanksgiving. The holiday candles I’ve been lighting lend a deliciously spicy woody aroma that normally gets me in the spirit.

Things have been kind of weird ever since we decided to try and sell our house back in September. The whole staging process and needing to have everything looking perfect and un-lived in hasn’t been a bowl of cherries. The house is off the market until after the New Year but it still doesn’t feel like home the way it used to.

With a couple of holiday parties next week I’m planning to step up my holiday game. Time to finally get festive before it’s all over!

I have a few sparkly outfits so that at least isn’t a question mark. What’s been on my mind is what to wear fragrance-wise. I’m thinking about something that I normally wouldn’t wear, possibly a boozy scent that I’d never wear any other time of year. Hey why not? If it’s too much on its own I’ll layer it with something suitable. I’ll create my own secret sauce.

When searching through my obscenely large collection of perfume samples, I came across some options. Granted, most don’t smell anything remotely like a straight up version of the referenced booze. Obviously I’d never want to smell like a spilled cocktail! But they are all scents that I’d never normally reach for and might put me more into party animal mode.

Here they are by type:

BOURBON – Elizabeth & James Nirvana Bourbon

RUM – Malin + Goetz Dark Rum, Martin Maison Margiela Jazz Club

VODKA – Kilian Vodka on the Rocks, Gris Clair

CHAMPAGNE – Yves Saint Laurent Yvresse

COGNAC – Queen by Queen Latifah, Aftelier Cognac, Strange Invisible Perfumes Capricorn, Tommy Bahamas Set Sail South Seas for Men, Dua Fragrances Cupid’s Lust

KAHLUA – Thierry Mugler A*MEN

GIN – Bowling Green, Heeley Menthe Fraiche

AMARETTO – Gucci Pour Homme

I’m leaning towards Malin + Goetz Dark Rum which is deliciously warm and slightly spicy or possibly Yves Saint Laurent Yvresse. Yvresse is fruity, powdery and warm with fizzy, effervescent quality. Either of these say Happy Holidays in a subtle, almost imperceptible way.

What fragrance are you planning to wear to upcoming holiday soirees? Something naughty or nice? 😉

Happy Holidays and remember to drink responsibly!




  1. Eric says:

    I thought this article was pretty funny because I never really thought about the scent of perfumes actually smelling like alcoholic beverages. My wife bought Gucci Pour Homme for me. I never realized it’s because she secretly wanted me to smell like Amaretto. I’ve actually gotten a few compliments on this cologne.