robin eggs

Exciting summer discovery – a Robins Nest with eggs. One just starting to emerge!


A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with summer – the heat and humidity here in New York can be nasty – but I’ve always loved the change-up from winter, which is exciting as the first snow falls, but turns into an evil demon if it lasts longer than March. In recent years we’ve had more than a few “April Fools” snow showers well into the month of April.  Spring was such a flash in the pan this year as usual, super cold starting out and never really got springy before rain then heat took over. Fall is coming up soon but I’m pretty sure it’ll be just like spring – barely there.


The month of September will be predictably hot but leaves have already started falling if you can believe it. Just a few but still! Global warming isn’t going anywhere.


I’ve been in and out of a funky mood all summer, not sure if I’m coming or going. It’s been a continuous drill of kicking myself into action and in between taking deep breaths and trying to de-stress. Much of this is due to the fact that we finally decided to put our house on the market right after Labor Day. After 16 years it’s time. The plan, if we can sell our home without giving it away, is to head west to California where most of my family still live. I keep hearing it’s a buyer’s market here now so we shall see how it goes.


A large part of summer was spent on house projects – repairing, replacing and updating etc.  If you’ve been there you know how draining it can be. I don’t want to sound whiny (and yes I do realize that some people have real problems) but staging a house to sell isn’t a walk in the park.


I almost came down with a sinus issue during the two weeks of painting but thanks to Dr. Hana’s NasoPure I nipped it in the bud. If you are someone who is prone to allergies or sinus infections this stuff is a lifesaver. I first learned about this nose wash a couple of years ago from a fellow perfumista at a fragrance event. I love that it’s all natural and totally safe, unlike antibiotics, and it really works.


What really blew my mind is the amount of stuff I had to box up for storage or donations, not to mention that which went straight to the 3 (yes 3!) dumpster trucks. It was truly mind-blowing and I’m not even a borderline hoarder.  I’ve always been a reader but had no idea how many books I’ve accumulated over the years. All of my perfume samples have been tucked away in boxes along with most of my bottles. Only my go-to favorite scents are still out and about. I’ll be putting those away during showings since even though it’s unlikely just the idea of strangers spritzing on my lovelies as they waltz about my home throws me into a panic.


Working on my perfumes and squeezing in a blog or fragrance review when I could these past few months has kept me from going off the rails but my best summer moments were spent decompressing outside in my garden. There’s something so therapeutic about taking in the thriving plant life and listening to the lullabies of birdsong, trickling water and singing grasshopper in the background. The combined effect is like a shot in the arm of tranquility and energy – just what the doctor ordered this summer.


Baby Robins just hatched! 12 days later they fly the coop!


Time to run as my garden is calling but wanted to wish you a happy and safe rest of the Labor Day week-end!






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